Automating Business Processes for the Wholesale Distribution

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A comprehensive CRM solution for wholesale distributors

The all-in-one industry-tailored CRM software helps wholesale distribution companies to obtain valuable customer insights and easily convert leads into the real buyers. Bpm'online process-driven distribution management software allows automating vital customer-facing processes and provides tools for efficient sales and marketing management, procurement and supply chain management, inventory planning, and document flow automation among others.


Benefits for Wholesale Distribution Companies

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Reducing churn and
increasing win rates
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Process-driven CRM

Bpm'online CRM for distributors allows modeling and automating business processes, as well as analyzing and changing them on-the-fly. By following the same processes wholesale distribution companies maintain high standards of work within the organization.

Field Force

Bpm'online CRM for distribution automation empowers your field force with mobile app that has the same functionality, look and feel across different devices. This application enables company’s employees to work with the application out of office. Don’t be tied to your seat - stay mobile!

Engaging Interface

With its neat and robust design our user-friendly interface is like a personal assistant with an artificial intellect, who responds to all requests extremely laconically and substantially. The displayed data is shown only within the context of your current tasks. You will not be distracted from what is essential or oversaturated with information you don’t need for the moment.


Bpm'online for Wholesale Distribution


Customer Data

With bpm'online distribution CRM software you can easily obtain greater customer insight and turn prospects into the real buyers. Get unified information on your clients, partners, suppliers and competitors: detailed data, history of interaction with companies and contacts, social media profiles, etc.


Capture orders from multiple channels and manage them in one single system throughout the entire order lifecycle. Instant access to a 360° view of accounts, order histories and available products make it possible for your staff to deliver best possible customer service and increase revenue.

Management and KPIs

Analyze and optimize your company’s performance. Keep tabs on current KPIs by monitoring real-time diagrams and reports, measuring results and forecasting sales. Quickly create your own reports and modify dashboards to get new analytical dimensions.


With bpm'online wholesale distribution management software it is easy to convert leads into opportunities and ultimately turn them into sales. Analyze procurement histories, buying behaviors and customer requirements. Identify market trends, segment audiences and provide retailers with the best possible products and offers.


Automate every step of your marketing campaign. Now you have access to tools for mass mailing, event management and surveys. Comprehensive reports on the results of campaigns will help to analyze both, quantitative (ROI) and qualitative (survey results) indicators.


All businesses have to work with a huge amount of documents - contracts, invoices, letters, budgets and requirements. Within bpm'online CRM distribution management software you can store all corporate content in one place, create templates, share and approve documents, etc.

with Quotes

In bpm'online you can easily establish special quotes, check the available stock of the product, apply discounts or make changes to quotes in real time. Quote management tools allow you to generate quotes into appropriate format, send via email, convert quotes to invoices and prospects to customers.

Business Process

With help of unique business process designer you can automate various processes like: planning and coordination of marketing budget; preparation and approval of contracts; monitoring of contractual terms and many more. Modify or create new processes with simple drag’n’drop.

Integration with
ERP Systems

Bpm'online can easily be integrated with EPR, accounting, warehouse management systems or any other third party application to meet your wholesale and distribution business needs. This helps automate your business with the fewest investments of time and costs.