Agencies have been around for a long time. They have adapted from being agents who sold, to owners of the brand, to creators of the big idea, to specialists in advertising, DR, CRM, PR, design and digital.

It’s time to adapt again. It’s time to embrace and master new technologies quickly.

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Buying and creating advertising in any media is a time-intensive process reflecting hours of transactions between buyers, sellers, and creative agents. Despite growing impact of new media and social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, the major focus is still on developing strong and effective media plans based on sound strategies with fresh ideas.

Successful experience and unique knowledge of the realities of the advertising market enable bpm'online to provide advertising CRM solutions for the following goals:

Acquire New Customers

  • Import data about prospective leads from multiple data sources to advertising CRM
  • Segment your prospects and focus on your key segments
  • Automate your promotions
  • Apply the best practices to streamline the customer acquisition process
  • Gather real-timeinsight, analyze the conversion rate and act on this data

Retain Customers and Increase Cross Sales

  • Track customer behavior to make a perfectly tailored pitch
  • Follow the process to engage customers and nurture loyalty
  • Set reminders to renew contracts on time
  • Leverage the database that contains all available ad space options to reduce service time
  • Get feedback to improve quality

Manage Projects

  • Plan project activities and track deliverables in multiple dimensions (planned and actual schedule, team members, workload, profitability) in advertising CRM
  • Comply with quality standards by following unified processes throughout all departments
  • Facilitate team collaboration
  • Get real-time data about status of every project stage
  • Optimize resource assignment
  • Manage project documents

Manage Project Finances

  • Plan and track incomes and expenses in terms of customers, projects, periods, teams, etc.
  • Analyze project profitability and cost out every specific activity and employee
  • Compose project timesheets
  • Billing – automatically generate invoices based on approved schedule. Trace all delivered services and involved resources
  • Track planned and actual payments
  • Compose multiple budgets in detail
  • Consolidate all financial data

Manage Human Resources

  • Manage complete employee data and track career changes
  • Monitor workload, measure performance, automatically calculate bonuses
  • Automate hiring process
  • Motivate and foster employees’ professional growth
  • Consider employee background and personal wages

Boost Performance

  • Streamline the customer interaction process
  • Instantly get all required data
  • Monitor employee workload, assign tasks intelligently
  • Use reminders and hints

Build Trustworthy Partnerships

  • Consolidate information about your suppliers and vendors
  • Store all partnerpricing to promptly find items and create purchase orders
  • Automatically generate a supply request that are needed for a project
  • Get real-time data about partnership terms and project schedule
  • Reserve ad space for projects and customers
  • Generate assignments for contractors
  • Track service/product delivery
  • Keep your tabs on cash flow and P&L

Manage Documents

  • Handle customer requests with CRM for advertising industry. Define deadlines complexity and priority of a requests
  • Track relationships between system entities: customer, partner, project, invoice, etc.
  • Automatically generate any document from a template: invoice, contract, addendum, quotation
  • Track document versions
  • Approve documents online
  • Transfer documents according to previously defined data exchange policies
  • Track document status (approved, signed, verified, etc.)
  • Create an online information library to keep information readily accessible

Manage Customer Relationship

  • Place all customer information in one data space
  • Add rich customer information to be able to segment customers to optimize you work
  • Track all customer interactions: meetings, calls, email messages
  • Archive all documents, requests, provided services
  • Analyze data in different contexts , get aggregated indices for your customers